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Who’s excited for an off-base halloween adopt auction??

okay so no one

ANYWAYS, here is Round 1 of the adoptables!

A couple rules:

  • Don’t resell or profit from this image - gifting is fine
  • Don’t claim the artwork as your own 
  • You can alter the design as you see fit, but do not alter the original image
  • Only bid what you know you have - no bid retractions

End Date: Oct 22 @ Midnight

SB: $25 USD
Min Increment: $5 USD
AB: None yet

#1 / Maggot Witch

  • HB: none

#2 / Bat Demon

  • HB: none

#3 / Poison Mushroom Creep

  • HB: none


[Furaffinity] (<- linked to my main page, cause the site is down right now and I have’t uploaded it yet WOOPS)

Ask, fan mail, reblog, or go through the other sites to bid!

(also if u guys are feeling super nice maybe you wouldn’t mind signal boosting? ; v; I’ve never done an auction and I need all the help I can get)

Ugh look at these mofoing beauties. Vex, you have murdered me this day.


- Anonymous
Mod note: OP did not provide a source for this image. 

Oh hey look it&#8217;s fanart of my character ProperPointe.


- Anonymous

Mod note: OP did not provide a source for this image. 

Oh hey look it’s fanart of my character ProperPointe.


rick does treat Summer terribly, though. when morty was nearly molested by king jellybean he felt anger and protectiveness. he even killed jellybean!!!! thats how pissed he was!!!!!

but when summer was almost gang-raped by extremely violent aliens, forfeited and begged to go back home???? nah son, were gonna stay here because i want to prove to you how wrong you were and how right i am and i dont give a single fuck you might become physically and mentally scarred in the process.

i wish she had a better treatment overall in the show

Actually the reason they don’t go back is because the aliens destroyed the portal device. Rick spends the rest of the time trying to fix it with the spare breeding bots parts.

Ugh Deviantart is such crap.

A really cute and short clicker game.


Long overdue picture set of all the different pony satchel types I brought to Bronycon. ^^ Only ended up coming back with a few Pinkie Pie and Shining satchels.

My goodness, they look great. Jealous that I couldn’t make it.

Oh my gooooooood

just found my old DA account

burn it


citrussqueeze : It’s hard to say, he probably got into something he shouldn’t have. Our roomies have a really bad habit of leaving everything on the ground v nv

Oh noooo, that’s one of the worst habits to have when you have a puppy. You need to give your roomies the ‘mama stink eye’ until they clean up their act >:C

Nothing scares me more than a person who can sprint in heels.