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Ugh Deviantart is such crap.

A really cute and short clicker game.


Long overdue picture set of all the different pony satchel types I brought to Bronycon. ^^ Only ended up coming back with a few Pinkie Pie and Shining satchels.

My goodness, they look great. Jealous that I couldn’t make it.

Oh my gooooooood

just found my old DA account

burn it


citrussqueeze : It’s hard to say, he probably got into something he shouldn’t have. Our roomies have a really bad habit of leaving everything on the ground v nv

Oh noooo, that’s one of the worst habits to have when you have a puppy. You need to give your roomies the ‘mama stink eye’ until they clean up their act >:C

Nothing scares me more than a person who can sprint in heels.


Derpy first attempt at a Changeling plushie.



there are really only two states that matter and that’s New York and California that’s the real honest #truthtea

even then like only socal and norcal really matter. the middle of california can go. 

There’s a middle?